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Wishlist # 1 - March

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It's that time of the month again ! Payday. WOOO. The time of the month I live for. Even though I'm a student athlete and only work part-time, my paycheques are usually low. and currentlyI'm saving up for my summer trip to Montreal and New York. But none the less, I can still spare a fell dollars here and there to pick up items that I need. (Well, I don't actually need them but you know how a girl is when she wants something !). Here are just a few items I've sampled/tried and heard of that I'd love to buy once I have enough funds.
1. Purity Facial Cleanser
I sampled this one from Sephora. I asked one of the working women for the best simple facial wash they have. (I have normal skin, some redness in the T area, and rarely break out unless it's my time of the month). I really liked this face wash. It's really light weight, very smooth and can work as an extra make up remover as well. It's very easy going on your skin and makes your skin feel soft afterwards. What I like is you dont have to scrub hard or anything and it lathers well.
2.Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash
I sampled this one from Sephora too. I read about this one during one of my daily blog readings and decided to check it out. My old exfoliater needs to be retired.  This is just a quick 30-second facial wash. I don't really like the smell of it. It's not strong but I, personally, do not like the smell of most facial washes. One thing I did like about this one is that I could feel the exfoliating beads working on my face.
3. Mimosa Body Wash  &  4. Vanilla Birthday Cake Body Wash
I've read about these body washes, once again, during my daily blog reading. Apparently the Vanilla Birthday Cake smells EXACTLY like birthday cake. SCORE. Who doesn't love birthday cake and, who wouldn't want to smell like it. Same with Mimosa. I love them, (guilty pleasure). So I could imagine that using this body wash would be heavenly. And my old body wash needs to be retired. I want a great smelling body wash that makes my skin feel and look good.
5. Watt's Up Highlighter & 6.They're Real Mascara
I got these combo from Sephora for my birthday. It was the birthday gift of the month and boy, am I glad it was. These two are apart of my daily beauty/make-up routine. I absolutely love both of them to death and would highly recommend them to anyone. The highlighter is a perfect shade for my skin tone and gives it the perfect shimmer. The mascara really extends your lashes and makes them pop. I really love how it gives minimum clumps, (I hate when my mascara clumps on my lashes).
If you want to try any of these products, you can pick them up at your local sephora.
Any of your own thoughts on these products ?
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