Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Alexander Wang spring 2013

Alexander Wang got crafty with his newest youtube video bringing back "Bon Qui Qui" as an employee in his store. Pure comdey. I actually just laughed so hard watching this. I think this is a super clever and great way to market and advertise. Love it !

Bed-rest music

I've gotten that nasty Stomach flu virus that's has been going around. It's just awful, let me tell you that ! I was probably unfunctional for about two days. I'm FINALLY feeling normal again ! Alot of all i've been doing is laying in bed recooperating, listening to music and here are just some bands I've been listening to on repeat. My musical taste ranges from everything but I'm definitely an alternate/Indie music loving girl.

The XX's - Coexist
This album is brilliant and is apart of my fall playlist of new albums. I can't describe The XX's sound. It's always changing which is what I love ! It's kind of haunting yet smoothing music. I wouldn't personally call them indie-pop or even indie-techno but, they do have killer beats and musical chords. So it's hard to say but, I say their mix of it. Romy, Oliver and Jamie vocals mixed together in a rough way that is perfect. With the raspy, deep man vocals mixed with a soft, tender sound.. music to my eyes. When I want to just zone out and chill, I put The XX on. Their also playing at Coachella this year, definitely check them out !

Tegan and Sara

They're twin sisters and they're from my hometown of Vancouver, B.C. I completely love their voices and their style. Shout out to my Aunt Dione who introduced me to this duo when I was about 13. I would put down a specific album but I've been listening to their collection. The way they harmonize and vocals mash together is amazing. You can hear the talent in their vocal. It's just raw. Their new album "Heartthrob" featuring one of my new favourite work out songs " Closer" just came out today - Janruary, 29th 2013. I definitely say give that album a check out, as well as their old stuff too! Nothing but love for these girls.

Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism

First off, one of my favourite songs of ALL TIME. It's been played over 1200 times on my itunes. I can't even put into words my love for this song. It's beautiful. The simplicity of it and the music .. just amaze balls. Also on that note, Death Cab For Cutie is also one of my top ten favourite bands. So check out all of their albums because their all fantastic pieces of work. On this album specifically all the songs have a gentle transition and connection to each other so, it's great to just put on and play all the way through. I love bens vocal on the songs and if you take the time to listen to the lyrics, they all mean something. A relaxing album I'd suggest listening to when sleepy or taking a bath with some candles.

like any of these titles ?
- Déjia oxo.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Stress be gone !

The past week as most know was finals week and I've been extremely stressed out and worried. I want to keep my 3.7 GPA ! But I felt confident in all my exams. Only a Provincial exam left tomorrow and I'm done semester one ! *cheers* I will be relaxing and doing nothing during my semester break which, I kind of already started in the states. It was my baby cousin's first birthday and we went to visit celebrate with our family. Very laid back, chill weekend. How did you guys spend your weekend?
- Déjia oxo

Monday, 21 January 2013

Modern Day Ballerina

 Styled my new Brandy Melville dress with a chucky black scarf.

 Tights, large black socks rolled down and my Black oxfords.
Oxfords - Burlington Coat Factory $12.99

Gorgeous criss-cross open back. Starting to love open back shirts and dresses. I'm realizing that the sexy place to show off is your back.

-Déjia oxo.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday downtown

Granville Street - Downtown

Brandy melville - $30
Has the most gorgeous criss-cross open back. I feel so girly and pretty in this. Super flowly and even though it is a tight dress, it's super comfy !
 Top Shop - FUTURE BUYS !
Didn't have enough money for this outfit but, my birthday is coming up soon and I need a hot outfit ... think I'll come back for this one ! Felt super Lana Del Rey in this one.
White crop top - $19
Black leather cuffed shorts - $32

Shout out to my girl Marissa May ! <3
I wanted a nice picture of us in the Seabus terminal. I honestly had such a nice day with her in Lonsdale Quay, Downtown Granville and just shopping and exploring. The best days are unplanned and relaxed !
Hope everyone had as great of a Sunday as I did ! :)
-Déjia oxo.

Sunday shopping

So I headed downtown today with one of my girlfriend Marissa. I find shopping so relaxing! We visited a few spots today, including the Lululemon " House Party" warehouse sale at BC Place. I was really disappointed to be honest, not a lot of good merchandise but, we did go on the last day so I'm assuming all the good stuff was gone! Then off to two of my favorite stores ! Shout out to Topshop and Brandy Melville. Which Marissa calls "too hipster for her" while I'm in absolute heaven. Ill post my purchases later and some pics of the day :)
-Déjia oxo.

TGIF accessories

I am a little late on posting this but better late than never !

combat boots - Urban behavior

Gold Gucci Linked Chain. - My father gave me this for a birthday present.
Gold Citizen watch (Oyster face)

Focusing primarily on my accessories for this post. I can post the outfit information

Saturday, 19 January 2013

New favourite

Why ? 

I got this as a gift for Christmas from my grandma and I love it ! Its a dark brown "eyelighter" pencil. It goes on very smooth and works well for blending/smudging. Also to my surprise it lasts long on my eyes. I talked a little bit a bout this little guy on my "Simple face" post. It's come to be a part of my  daily face routine so I thought I should give it a shout. You can get it at any drug store, very inexpensive. I believe it's under $6. 
Has anyone else tried it ? Give me a shout ! 
-Déjia oxo.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Simple Face

what I used today:

Channel - Rouge Coco
Carmex Lip Balm
Elf Bronzer set
Cover Girl eyelighter
Black & Brown eyebrow
Elf Concealer Brush

I'm too big on make up in general, I usually keep it light and simple. I don't think make up should give you a new face, I think it should enhance the one you already have. You should just bring out your best assets in your face. I use a concealer brush for my bronzer because I don't use foundation or concealer. I use the bronzer as my foundation and I find the brush really just helps the bronzer stay on my face. I use it under my eyes and on my cheek bones. I have high cheek bones myself so when I appy under my eye it all tends to connect for me. I recommend putting a lip balm on your lips before applying lipstick especially in the winter time. No one likes chapped lips ! I fill in my eyebrows lightly with a brown then go over with a black so that it matches with my hair, even though its a tinted red colour at the moment. I use the Cover Girl eyelighter (eye liner) in just the outer corners of my eyes. It opens them up and is easy to apply. It's also very easy to smudge too which, is what I love to do. I'm really into smudging and smokey-ness right now.

kind of flushed out but clean shot 
 Liking the look ? 

-Déjia oxo.



I was slightly inspired by my dark music today (link below) yet, keeping it a little "rough". I tried something different usually mix and match but I really loved my outfit today. I find it a very tom boyish outfit, a little 90's. I got my picture taken for our schools yearbook today for the "Fashion Section" yay me ! And yay for knowing half the staff on the committee, ahaha.
A$AP Rocky - Long.Live.A$ap (Bear//face remix) < Great youtube channel with mixes
Raiders toque-Lids, Plain Grey V-Neck-H&M,  Plaid Shirt-Artizia, Electric black pants-Artizia

Red Jordan spizikes (release date Oct, 20th, 2012) & Raiders toque

First post ! :)

                                 Certain Lust for Life

First post of my new blog ! Yay. I've always wanted to start one up and I've never really took the time to, but as it being 2013, I'm thinking now is better than never. I wouldn't define this as fashion blog, a style bog, or a fitness blog. It's MY blog. My life is a constant roller coaster ride of emotions and I'm always up something. This is for me to post whatever is catching my attention for the day.  I'm a fitness junkie. I play competitive softball, I'm a very athletic girl and currently falling in love with cooking. There will be tons of post about my certain fitness plan, what I'm eating and my health progress throughout the year. Another big part of me is fashion. I love it. I love fashion and personal style and the way you can express yourself and you're emotions through your clothes. And I am all over the place when it comes to that. My inspiration for outfits come from my mood, the music I'm listening, the way my body feels, other fashionstas that I see on Instagram and other blogs. So expect to see a lot of post of everything that is me.
 - Déjia oxo
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