Sunday, 13 October 2013

Good eats #1

If you ain't ever tried Chiptole, you gon' learn today. I'm not even a huge fan of Mexican food in the first place. Let alone, healthy food at all times. But Chiptole has wiggled and grilled its way into my heart. From the many different choices of a burrito, bowl or salad, the food you can put in it is endless. And have I mentioned that the guacamole is to die for ?! Probably the best guacamole a girl has ever tried. If you live in the states, I highly recommend checking it out in the many locations ! If you live in Canada, like I do, then head to Downtown Vancouver and check it out! Although the prices are a bit higher in Canada than in America buy, still worth the trek to have a taste of this goodness!
Above I have a chicken salad with mild and medium salsa, guacamole, lettuce, and cheese. I opted out of the sour cream and choice of beans.

Try Chiptole my dolls !