Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How To Lose a Guy in One Day (Or Sooner)

I have yet to learn a lot of things on the touchy subject that is guys. There are so many things that confuses me about them. How do they wake up with their hair perfect ? Or get away with wearing the same clothes everyday and we still swoon over them. Why do they never call when they say they will? and when in fact, they do end up calling, its past 11pm and they sound a little too happy to call you. You know when they all of a sudden are just dying to see you and hang out ? Its obviously because you are so gorgeous and amazing, right? Sorry to bust that bubble (even though you all are gorgeous and amazing) that, my fellow ladies is called a BC (Booty Call). Although in the past two years with the release of Drakes single, can now be referred to as "Marvin's Room. I would say the "Marvin's Room call has a bit of a sadder context..(I hide my phone when I go out because I tend to "Marvin's Room". Even the best of us fall victim!). We have all received this call and, we have all answered it one too many times. Lets be honest. The opposite gender should must definitely be added to the seven wonders of the world. They have and will forever always be, a mystery. I, myself, do not have a great track record of guys. I enjoy the mystery. I like the unattainable guys. What can I say? I'm a masochist. I have yet to master how to keep a guy, however, I do know how to lose one ! Here are the tips that helped me let the one get away, (that hot guy you met once at party and sparks flew). Also the tips to help lose the one that needs to get away, (that weird guy that stalks you in gym class).
-Be Yourself.
Boys LOVE this one. You know when you talk about the male singer your obsessed with or, talk about that tv show with the vampire love triangle? They love it. They loving getting to know you. Especially on the first time to your guys ever hang out. Tell them your life story. Better yet, do all those weird things you do at home by yourself like crying when Big leaves Carrie at the alter while eating fries dipped in hot sauce. You know all the things you feel like you should do when you're completely comfortable with a person ? Do them. Nothing is sexier than being weird (I say this openly though because sexy can weird.)
-Have a Life.
Have other things going on in your life. Play a sport. Be in a play. Have a part-time job. Volunteer somewhere. Do anything that doesn't involve the guy you're seeing. It will drive them crazy because no one likes to be a second priority. Especially those guys that like to the center attention and the crazy obsessive type. The ones that need to be your #1 and the only thing that makes you happy. Nothing drives a guy more crazy than you having more going for yourself than he does.
-Actually Care.
Now this is an important one. Showing that you care shows commitment. Commitment itself is a big one and nothing scares a guy off more than it. It means the thrill is officially gone ! There is no chase anymore, the fun is over. He has you and he knows it. There's no entertainment in that, is there ? Along with being committed, you're also supportive and loving. Now who wants that ? Sound suffocating to me and a long list of emotional damaged or unavailable guys. (Those just happen to be my forté). And they just so how happen to be everywhere. They don't know how handle your caring or understand it. So do it because they'll leave.
-Actually Don't Care.
This one is equally important. If you're acting like you don't care that means you GENUINELY don't care. Whether you want to admit it or not. It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, NO ONE wants to be around someone that doesn't care. Trust me, people can always tell when you don't care, Whether they chose to ignore to or not is up to them. That creepy guy that stalks you in gym class and always stares at you in hallway probably won't catch on to the fact that you don't care. So make it obvious. That hot guy you met at party, however, may catch on a little faster. He won't hesitate to leave. Moral of the story, eventually they will both leave if you show you don't care.

All this being said, the right guy will stick around regardless of everything and he won't leave. Well .. maybe he will leave but he'll come back. He will put up with your weird, quirky habits and love the fact that you enjoy playing with puppies for free. At least that's what I hear, I wouldn't know ;)
Déjia oxo.

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