Sunday, 3 March 2013

What To Wear : Rainy Days

So I said I'd do a post on rainy day attire since I live in the city that just never stops raining. (except right now because it's surprisingly sunny!) Here are a few things that I believe are necessary on a cold, wet, gloomy day.

1. Gumboots


This one should be a given. There is nothing worst than walking around in Toms, Vans or flats in the rain. Your feet get gross and it's just not comfortable. You want to cross the road and there's a huge puddle that you can't avoid, would you rather step in that ocean in gumboots or regular shoes? Exactly. Now gumboots I don't think you have to spend a lot of $$$ on them. They are a sound invest and definitely come in handy but they're universal and, a cheap no-name is going to work the same as a well known expensive brand. I, myself, use Coach gumboots. I bought them on sale for $60 at Nordstorm's rack over a year or two ago. I love them. They go with absolutely everything and they work well and, have lasted me a long time. It's all up to your personal preference, although a good gumboot should be thick and comfortable. I honestly recommend going to Target, Walmart, any kind of stores like those and just picking up a quick pair. I know Hunter boots are very in style right now but the price ? uhhhh, not so much. That being said, I'd kill for a pair of the pastel blue shin-cut Hunter gumboots !

2. A rain coat

You have protection on your feet so why not have protection on your body too ? You don't want your clothes to get soaked and you have to go out and, sit in uncomfortable wet clothes. (Another thing I hate, wet jeans. YUCK). I don't even have a raincoat ! Hahah. I wish I did though. I use my Maverick Artizia jacket which is lined with fur on the inside and have a fur hood. Super comfy and warm, it does the job. My parents picked this up for me on boxing day so I'm not quite sure of the price they paid for but, I do know its about $200 in stores. For a real rain coat though I would definitely put in the money. It's an investment especially if you live in a rainy city. I'd say a good rain coat has water-proof material, goes past your waist and keeps you warm. Which is all, once again, up to your personal preference and what you like. If you live in raincouver, Sorry, I mean VANCOUVER, I'd go to Lululemon and pick up one. (Lululemon is beyond over pricey but SO worth the money). Other stores with good rain coats are Sports Check, North Face and, Superstore (Joe is the best). I say that openly though because you can find good rain coats in any store ! Depending on the season and what their inventory is like.

3. Little things You can't forget 

Gloves: You need this !! I cannot stress enough how much it sucks holding an umbrella when you're hands are ice cold. Rain is unpredictable and it doesn't always come down straight, it comes sideways, diagonal, all over the place ! Your hands are important too, show them some love. Pick up a pair or even a pack of 2 at basically, any store. I got mine at the Dollar store and Old Nizzle. (Old Nizzle = Old Navy, it's a family thing).
Toques: You need these too ! Your ears are just as important as your hands. And if you hood ever falls off you're still protected. I love toques to death and they definitely take away some of the cold.

4. Umbrella

Saved the best for last. An umbrella ! How can you go out in the rain without an umbrella ? It provides you with over all protection from the horrible rain. Sorry rain, you're not horrible but you're certainly not wanted all the time. An umbrella does NOT need to be an expensive thing. Yes, cheap umbrellas can suck and break easily but I'm not going to approve a $50 umbrella. I say a good price for an umbrella is $10 and under. As long as it has a handle, opens up properly and is as big as you need it to be, it's a good umbrella.

Now these are just what I use daily when it's rainy. They seem to work for me so maybe they can work for you ! Think I missed anything important or can suggest some good brands or, stores to get any of the things I listed ? 
Let me know,
DĂ©jia oxo

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