Sunday, 10 March 2013

What Every Girl Needs Under $30

As we know my parents and I went to the states this weekend to visit my family. One of my favourite things about going the states (besides visiting my lovely family), is going to Target and picking up my hygiene/beauty products ! Target is my favourite place to go. I could literally spend all day in that store and I have before. I spent a lot of money this weekend.. I did a massive clothes haul as well. But these products in particular inspired me to make a post. I know it's hard to make a list of things that you need when you walk in a store because you get so over-whelmed by the other products. I'm guilty of this ! I'll walk into a store with one thing in mind and leave with the complete opposite! I'm easily suckered in the sales and pretty packaging. Here are just some suggestions or even a guideline of things you can, and could pick up ! (Majority of these things a girl MUST have)

Target Brand Women's Shaving Cream (Strawberry and Tangerine) $2.34
Everybody needs to shave. Unless you've been blessed with the gift of not having any body and/or facial hair. In which case, I am beyond jealous of you. But shaving cream is shaving cream. Doesn't matter if its pink, white, green, males or females, it's all going to the work the same way. You could even use shower gel if you want. My aunt recommended this to me because I was so shocked by the prices of the name brand ones. (I refuse to pay $6 bucks for shaving cream).
Vaseline Total Moisture (Cocoa Radiant): $3.34
Best body lotion. Ever. In my opinion. I love the smell and the way you're body feels afterwards. I find that it really actually moisturizes your skin. The few lotions that I do have and actually tend to use, make my hands dry in less than 10 minutes. I put this one ALL OVER MY BODY and I feel fully moisturized for a few days. Vaseline is a great body care line.
BIC Soleil Bella Razors: $6.34
Razors are beyond stupidly expensive. It's like the BIC company wants to make me feel bad for not wanting to be a hairy beast ! Almost seven dollars for a three pack ? Makes me to want wax. And that would lower their business. Haven't used these before and to be honest, I just picked them up because they were nicest cheap ones. I will not use those two-bladed generic razors because I love my body too much. And you should too! Always try to get three blades or more, they give a better shave and less chance of cutting yourself.
Crest 3D White (Artic Fresh): $2.99
One of the best whitening tooth paste I've used. After about two to three weeks of using it I can see a differences in my teeth. I can't afford a teeth whitening and crest stripes are too much for me PERSONALLY as well. I just really like this tooth paste. It works really well.
Carmex Lip Balm 3-pack: $3.09
My favourite chapstick. I converted about 30% of my friends to using Carmex because it is simply, the best ! I have been complimented on my always super smooth lips and I always say "Thanks my Carmex". The only downside to this is that I've noticed that if you use it for a long time and then stop, your lips get really chapped badly. And I think that's just your lips saying "Never stop using Carmex because I love it".
Dove Ultimate Fresh Deodorant (Cucumber and Green Tea): $0.97
These little sizes actually last me a long time and it's super easy to stock up on ! The clean smell of the cucumber is probably my favourite part. I hate that white deodorant smell. I love that this one smells so fresh. Dove makes great products that are soft and loving for your body.
Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes: $5.64
After a long time of going out or even for me, playing softball I HATE the feeling that my face is clogged up with dirt. These facial wipes are easy on the face, it is for sensitive skin. It's also a great make-up remover when you put a dab on the remover you use on the wipes. I've been buying these for about a year and I have yet to be disappointed.
Arm & Hammer Advance White: $0.99
Another great whitening tooth paste. If you guys haven't picked up yet (I really want my teeth to get whiter!!)
Q-Tips: $0.99
I use these for the obvious (ear-cleaning) as well as, getting that pesky eyeliner out of my waterline and the corner of my eye. Always needed!

Used any of these products before ? Went out and got them any of these ? Let me know
DĂ©jia oxo.

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