Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Product : Hair Milk

Hey dolls ! So I've recently just took my extensions out and decided to rock the Au Natural look. Which being a mixed girl is a pain in the ass. I have a mix of kinky ringlets and just straight up nappy hair ! It's very short right now too (weaves make you lose hair, btw). It's in a bob cut to probably an inch under my chin. I have not rocked my natural hair for probably little under a year now, so this a big change for me ! I also am not use to having short hair .. I miss being able to throw it up into a bun or pony :( I love a good bun or pony ! Anyways, I needed some products to bring moisture back to my hair as well as, keep my curls defined and calm the frizz. I talked to my aunt who rocks the short natural hair and she recommended Bumble & Bumble ( haven't tried it yet) and Carol's Daughter. I went to Sephora, ( in the states because Canada doesn't have these lines), and checked out their hair selection. Of course the curly hair products I want to try are expensive ! I was on a $30 dollar budget. But I managed to find the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Treatment For Curls Travel Kit. It's made as a travel kit but I think it's the perfect size for trying it out. The normal sized bottle of all of these products were about $20-$24 EACH. These little 2 oz sizes are perfect for trying it out and seeing if it works for my hair. This little package was $24 it's self. Which I think is a reasonable price. It included
Conditioning Co-Wash
It's a sort of deep curl conditior. It has no lather and you just apply it from the roots down (only using a quarter-size), leave it in for 3-5 mins and wash it out.
it's a styling mold, I would say. It has the same consistency and texture as the conditioner and moisturizer, so I wouldn't call it pudey or gel. You apply directly after the shower with soaking wet hair, from the roots done to your ends. It applies really nicely.
Leave-In Moisturizer (Original) and (Lite)
These are both really straight forward. Apply to soaking wet hair and you're off ! Style as desired. This can be use as an everyday moisturizer for your hair.
Mind you, for all of these products you're only suppose to use a quarter-size every time. Which is why I think this travel size kit is perfect for just trying it out. Actually, any travel size product is great to use for trying out a product before you spend your money of the full size. I only used these products once this morning, so I have yet to come to verdict or see the change in my hair. Although I have to say that after putting in the Conditioning Co-Wash, waiting and letting it sit then washing it out, I could feel my hair getting softer. If that makes sense ! It felt very soft after and I could see more of my defined curls. After I finish all the bottles I'll probably write a little review about them up.
Any of these products work for you fellow kinky hair ladies ?
DĂ©jia oxo

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