Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Smoothiest of Smooth : Hungry girl # 2

Hey dolls, what I busy week this has been .. As you can see from my last post I would suffering from one of my little "stress-downs" but, it's now Sunday and I plan to relax. One thing I really wanted to share was two of my current favorite smoothie recipes. Regardless of it's going to an 8 am softball game or just going to school, I always have one. I, personally, never want to eat breakfast when I walk up. I also always like to maximize my sleeping time before I walk up. These bad boys help me do so ! That being said, I love a big breakfast ! But these are my quick relief breakfast. These actually full me up after drinking and their good for you ! (All recipes are adjustable).

Smoothie #1
4 Strawberries
1/4 of a mango
1 banana 
2/3 of milk

Magic bullet all those fruits and milk together. Or just use a regular blender

Smoothie #2 
1/4 (6 slices) of cucumber
Can of sliced peaches
1 Banana
4 Strawberries

Once again blend them all in either a blender or magic bullet.

Let me know if you try any,
Déjia oxo.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Stress and Anxiety (Slowly Killing Me)

I have actually been overly fatigued and stressed lately. Between softball, making mid-term marks, applying for my summer work experience at the hospital, and family duties, I never really have my own down-time. I probably seem like such a hermit to some people because I'm so get in-get out when it comes to school and, always giving them the excuse " I have softball " when I'm invited out. I sincerely do have softball when I say it though. I swear ! But it's finally taking it's toll on me and my body. I don't do best when it comes to stress or being stressed out. I tend to get rather emotional and suffer from anxiety. Surprise ! I can get it really bad when I let things get to be too much. I've discovered that there are A LOT of negative things that I can do to kill my anxiety and stress. All of which, are not good for me. I really do try to stay away from those but bad habits are hard to break. Especially when they're oh-so addicting. But I have found a few positive things that I can do to kill my anxiety and stress, and calm me down.

1.Eating ice cream while watching Greys Anatomy 
I find that the coldness of ice cream not only cools my mouth but, my nerves. There is something about eating a personal sized tub of ice cream with a small spoon that is, ever so smoothing. It strangely really does something for me. Dr.McDreamy and Dr.McSteamy. Need  I say more ? I love nothing more than a good drama to emerge myself in. Especially in the hospital setting (my dream workplace). It doesn't matter how depressing the show may get, I forget my problems and put myself in theirs. It really takes my mind off things.

2.Painting my nails
You don't want nail polish all over your cuticles. You don't want one hand prettier than the other. You can't have one nail perfect and the other looking like a mess. One must focus to get the perfect, or at least try to get the perfect, home-made manicure. Focusing takes my mind off what is stressing me. It was my aunt who once said " It never mattered how bad my day was, I could always buy a bottle of nail polish and feel better. "  It's a cheap way of retail therapy, a way to get your nails pretty (because everyone knows an outfit isn't complete without some nails all done up), and a quick way to de-stress yourself and forget what was causing your trouble.

Hoping that I can make it to the end of this week without entering my bed and never leaving it.
Déjia oxo.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Break fast for Breakfast ! Hungry Girl #1

Hey everyone, this is the first post of my new series that I've decided to start. "Hungry Girl", inspired by the Hungry Girl Franchise created by Lisa Lillien and, the sole fact that I am, in fact, a HUNGRY girl ! I have a fast metabolism and a big appetite. With my lack of spare time with softball, school and work, I'm always looking for fast-quick meals that taste good. Which is what the series will be about, quick recipes that I have tried and want to share. I tried this one straight out of Hungry Girl 1-2-3 The Easiest, Most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet. But of course, I put my own twist on it !

Bacon-Apple-Cheese Frittata - Which is basically a Spanish omelette 
1 Egg
1/4 of an apple
A stalk of green onion 
3/4 cup of cheese ( Or however cheesy you like it)
A handful of cilantro 
5 strips of bacon ( Or however much you would like)
Prepared Time: 10-15 Minutes,    Cooking Time: 5 Minutes

You would like to cut up all ingredients finely. For the simple fact that, it will all be sprinkled on top of the egg. But of course, you can chop the things up to the size you feel most comfortable with. 
Heat up your non-stick skillet to about High-Medium 7 and cook the chosen amount of bacon strips. Once cooked, cut them up into tiny strips.

Whip the egg. Change the heat on the skillet to medium 5 or 6. Spread the egg evenly and as thing as you can over your skillet. You want the whole pan covered in the egg. Then, spread your chopped up ingredients evenly over the spread egg.
Flip over once, Just to toast and crisp up the cheese and make sure it's all cooked.

Serve it with whatever you like ! A little hot sauce on the side gives it just the kick you need ;-) I didn't want to waste the rest of the apple so I cut it up, along with some strawberries. Top it off with a bottle of water to cleanse my system.

Enjoy :-)
Déjia oxo

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Happy 25th !

April 2nd, was my Aunt, Sister and Best friends 25th birthday ! I was lucky enough to be with her at 12am because she took me to the Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Concert. Which was AMAZING.
Her favourite food just happens to be Greek. At least the favourite food that my chef cook Grandpa makes.

Next came presents. Her boyfriend spoiled her with a trip for two to Las Vegas !

I was decided to make the lovely surprise card for her. You must listen to Rihanna to understand the card. Excuse my chicken scratch of writing.

After everyone settling down from the excitement of the tickets to vegas, we cut the cut ! Angel food cake with a whip cream topping and strawberries. I decorated the cake. Can't you tell ?

Lovely Tuesday night celebrating it with family !
Déjia oxo