Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Demi's new single

First of all, I love this girl so much. She is my definition of a beautiful person, inside and out. And I am completely obsessed with her new song !
Check it out guys
Déjia oxo

Monday, 25 February 2013

The one that got away

Afternoon instant noodles, fuzzy socks and the new episode of smash .. I am feeling a bit small on this big ol' couch !
Anyway care to join me ?
Déjia oxo

Sunday, 24 February 2013

week-end festivities

Hey dolls !
Now for the first time in a long time I've had a very good, productive weekend. I really did enjoy myself. I finally got to spend some quality time with some friends that I haven't seen in forever and, ones that I just haven't spent time with in a long time. Friday night my shift at work got cancelled, YES. So I invited my friend to come out to a little gathering at my other friends house with me. We both needed the stress-reliever.  A good night of friends, music and other fun things ;-)
Saturday night my one girlfriend organized a dinner trip downtown for all of us "JAE" girls. (JAE is our elementary school initials and what we've all have been referred too since we we're little.) I took them to one of my favourite spots on Granville "The Factory". It's this hip, little alternate bar/restaurant. Everything is $5.95 and EVERYTHING is good. It was bumping in there, they were playing the straight cuts. It was just so nice to finally be able to talk and hang out with all the girls again. Sometimes you just need those nights out to reunite and let loose.
Sunday I worked the opening shift at work :( Got to make that money that though ! Afterwards I just bused over to my Aunt Nichelle's house. We watched the oscars, caught up each other with our lives and watched Channing Tatum's new movie " Ten Years" GO WATCH IT! It's such a funny, quirky, feel good movie. It's very light and just very nice. We pigged out on Mcdonald's too. It was a great way to end a great weekend.
What did you guys do this weekend ?
Déjia oxo

Saturday Night Marvins Room

Thursday, 21 February 2013

It's like we in a love game

Tee - Dimepiecedesigns.com/store
Leather jacket - Forever 21
Liquid leggings - Forver 21
Tuxedo leather vans - van 
My first time wearing my tuxedo leather vans and I felt they added the perfect touch ! They are so casual yet, they kept the alternate look I was going for, might I add super comfy :-) 
Déjia oxo

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Not so " Sex and The City" of me

Hey guys, so I've been posting a lot of "OOTD" and other pictures and I've been neglecting my writing. I actually love writing so, I do believe that writing should be a big part of what my blog is about. My blog is a reflection of myself in ways that I can't express otherwise, just as fashion is. Which is why I believe personal style is so  important. The way you dress and present yourself is how others will you see you. I fully believe in " If you look good, you feel good. " I try to make my outfits reflect who I am. For that day at least ;-) There are so many things that can affect what I decide to adventure my day in, from the weather, to the mood I went to bed in, even the music that I listen too ! You can see my mood and feelings through my outfits, I'd like to think. Yes, many days I do just throw on random shit and leave my house. Sometimes putting on some pants and a bra is the biggest struggle of my day . Most days I just want to sit in bed, watch Sex and The City, stuff my face with junk food and contemplate my life. Lately, I have been feeling very out of whack with my own body, emotions and life. I am just a teenage girl ( newly turned 17 !! ) learning how to live my life. Key words : MY. LIFE. I find that there are a lot of restrictions and complications to being a girl turning into a woman who is rather a wild thing. And by wild I mean out-going, adventurous, dreaming, over-loving and maybe even a bit high maintenance. Regardless of all the complications, restrictions and unrealistic social views of what a womans' body should look like and, what a woman should act like it teaches you an invaluable lesson. Chose yourself. Always. It's not about choosing the "right" dress, "right" man, or "right" job. It's about choosing the "right" version of yourself which will, eventually, lead you to all of those things. However, with stating that, its poses another great question. "How do you ever know when it's right ? " Is it the moments when you feel that indescribable feeling ? Or the times when you're left speechless from the words or actions of someone else ? I don't know. Who really does ? I think before you can ask yourself  "If it's right", you have to ask yourself " If it's wrong"

Late night thoughts for my lovers with insomnia,
Déjia oxo.

Poetic justice

Dimepiece Wednesday  !
- Déjia oxo

Denim Jacket - Ross
Dripping Dimepiece logo tee - Dimepiecedesigns.com/store
Red belt - H&M
Electric black pants - Artizia

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dimepiece Haul !

The last of my birthday gifts from my Aunt, Dimepiece LA shirts ! Yes. I have only been borrowing every single one that she has ever owned since grade nine. It's about time I got my own !  Already got an outfit for tomorrow centered about the dimepiece dripping logo tee ! so excited for pics tomorrow.

 you're all dxmepieces !
- Déjia oxo

Friday, 15 February 2013


Flannel shirt - TNA
White crop top - BDG
White wash jeans - Cheap Monday
jordan red spizikes.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ear cuffs, Lashes, OH MY !

 Absolutely in love with my ear cuffs my friend brought me back from New Zealand. Definitely a fan.

Layering up for winter !

Sweater - H&M
Scarf - Spring
Dress - Brandy Melville
I'll admit, I had a fun time shooting these.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My Monthly Reads

Since I got two new books for my birthday from Urban Outfitter I've decided to make it a monthly habit ! Once a month, I will go to Urban Outfitters and pick out a book to read. I think Urban Outfitters has the best selection of quirky and different books for everything. I am currently about 1/3 through my first book " Style Feed : The World's Top Fashion Blogs (Selected by Susie Bubble) " which is centered around fashion blogs. I am loving it so far ! I am definitely drawing some inspiration and thinking of what my own niche as a fashion/lifestyle blogger is. Once I am done the whole book I will post a review. So sit tight :)
I am off to read a bit before I go to bed,
Night babes.
-Déjia oxo.


Tribal print leggins - H&M
White crop top - BDG
Faux leather jacket - forever 21

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Review : Benefit mascara and highlighter

So I tried out my Sephora Benefit gift samples. I am already in love with them ! It included " They're Real " mascara and " Watts Up " highlighter. First I would like to say that they have lasted me all day. The highlighter is still on and bright and the mascara kept my eyelashes big and black. The mascara wand really opens the lashes and seperates the lashes which, I really like. The tip of the wan also has a "De-clumper" you use on your lashes in a vertical way. That's pretty cool, I don't believe this mascara really creates clumps as far as I have noticed but if it did, you have a handy tool. The "Watts Up" highlighter is shimmer and definitely helps define your cheek bones and adds some colour. I personally, really like since I have high cheek bones and tend to over my bronzer to try and illuminate them. I definitely plan on buying the full size verison of these bad boys once I finish these !
Tried any of these products ? 
- Déjia oxo


Maxi skirt - Brandy Melville 
Grey crop top - H&M
Scarf - Spring

Monday, 11 February 2013

Seventeen Candles

It's my birthday today guys ! Seventeen years of living. I'm only seventeen, I am so young yet I feel as if I need to figure my stuff out and, get my life together. I am so blessed and lucky to have the family I have and the friends. And I had a hard talk this weekend that told me to be more grateful and appreciative of what I have. I think I'm going to try that more.  I had a quite amazing birthday weekend. Sunday, I went to sushi dinner with my famjam and my best friend Marissa. We ordered too much ! I passed out early and my alarm woke me up at 12 am on the dot for my birthday ! My phone was ringing off the hook with calls and text, everyone is so sweet ! My family then put on a HUGE brunch for me. (I am a huge Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf is my queen. So it was a  "Upper East Siders Brunch") Beyond amazing.  I was full all day. I then headed downtown with my friends and did some shopping. I love my city ! Vancouver was amazing to me today. Oh, and I got the best presents.(Not trying to brag or boast, I genuinely love my gifts) My Uncle and his family got me a visa master giftcard, which I spent at Urban Outfitters today on Rookie : Year one book. My aunt and her boyfriend got me a Brandy Melville wallet, Brandy Melville Giftcard (which I bought a red maxi with)  Zara Cape Town perfume and, Style Feed;The Best Fashion Bloggers book. And my parents are giving me money to go shopping on the weekend. All and all, a very fabulous birthday ! Pictures from my birthday weekend are below.
Cheers !
Déjia oxo.

Sushi dinner at California Sushi, Best place around !


outfit for brunch ( 80's  inspired )
cannot wait for the new reads
Free birthday gift from Sephora
outfit for downtown

Saturday, 9 February 2013

90's day

I've spent the day watching pure 90's classics. Which are actually hard to watch at some points. But none the less, great movies to watch. They're are centered around the same general theme. A group of black men living in the ghetto and the problems that they have to face daily. They're actually all very hard to swallow and think of the fact that, that's exactly how it was back then. I'm actually completely cultural shocked by these movies .. if that's even possible. But besides the hard, gritty action and reality of these movies, there are some good looking brothers to stare at ! Anyways, I recommend checking out some of these titles (if you're up for it) They're all definitely worth your time.

1.He Got Game
Denzel and Ray Allen .. uhm, yes.
It's centered around basketball and it's a Spike Lee Movie, need I say more ? 

2. Menace 2 Society

This movie was heartbreaking .. and it was hard for me to watch the violence in it.The main character Caine (Tyrin Turner) is the business though ! Can't lie, I totally fell for his character in this movie.

Omar Epps and Tupac ..uhm, DOUBLE YES.
Tupac was a psycho in this movie. Oh my god. His character had some serious issues which definitely reflected the thinking of what I would, many men in this time. Did I already mention how fine Omar Epps is ?

4. Higher Learning
I only watched this movie because this is where my parents got my name from ! Tyra banks plays a female track star named Deja in the movie, even though my name is spelled Déjia. This movie is particularly hard to watch because of the of the racism in it, which is the general theme of the movie. It brings up some serious racial and personal issues. Plus, Omar Epps in it. Has anyone noticed that I really LOVE me some Omar Epps.

Seen of these before ? What do you think about them ?
- Déjia oxo

Nails did

It's my birthday weekend ! Haven't painted my nails in a long time so I thought its time to do it. OPI all the way and of course, my morning snack
Like the colors guys ?
- Déjia oxo

Monday, 4 February 2013

Happy planet

I've become addicted to those Happy Planet drinks. Their beyond delicious and I find filling and, did I mention SUPER GOOD FOR YOU !! They're a bit expensive but worth it. They're probably about $4 a bottle. I went to Waves coffee house today after school and got myself one (in the picture). What was different was the guy offered to blend it for me ! He added ice cubes and made it like a smoothie. So good ! If you guys get one I highly suggest getting it blended. I know Starbucks, Waves and other coffee houses or cafes will blend it no problem :)
Have you guys tried it yet?
- Déjia oxo

My weekend

My weekend consisted of work, softball fundraising and a house party. And let me tell you standing outside in the winter time in Vancouver will result to numb, frozen feet :( But regardless, I had a good weekend ! My grandparents took me to The Keg for dinner Friday night! Delicious. No outfit pics for the party (it was super last minute.) I got ready in about 15 minutes ! Anyways, here some picture of my weekend !
What you guys do this weekend ?
- Déjia oxo.