Friday, 8 November 2013

I feel like life has gotten in the way of blogging.

I think I need a little more motivation. I don't want to blog just for the sake of blogging. I've always learned that quality over quantity. Hopefully I get so inspiration soon!
I'll keep in touch lovely people.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Good eats #1

If you ain't ever tried Chiptole, you gon' learn today. I'm not even a huge fan of Mexican food in the first place. Let alone, healthy food at all times. But Chiptole has wiggled and grilled its way into my heart. From the many different choices of a burrito, bowl or salad, the food you can put in it is endless. And have I mentioned that the guacamole is to die for ?! Probably the best guacamole a girl has ever tried. If you live in the states, I highly recommend checking it out in the many locations ! If you live in Canada, like I do, then head to Downtown Vancouver and check it out! Although the prices are a bit higher in Canada than in America buy, still worth the trek to have a taste of this goodness!
Above I have a chicken salad with mild and medium salsa, guacamole, lettuce, and cheese. I opted out of the sour cream and choice of beans.

Try Chiptole my dolls !

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Monday, 16 September 2013

A week of outfits #2

Late nights ....

Sometimes it's incredibly hard for me to fall asleep. I get stuck in a horrible routine where I stay up late, wake up early for school, nap afterschool and repeat it all again. Which causes my sleeping pattern to be so messed up, I can't fall asleep at regular times ! A few things I do to make my eyelids close a little faster are ... 

Read a book - 
I don't know why but reading puts me to sleep in a dim lighting. I feel like maybe because I have to focus and excersixe my brain to read, it tires me out faster. 
Listen to slow music -
Soothing music and slow songs are always a cute to insomnia at night time. It relaxes you. It calms you. It makes you dream. 
Burn some candles - 
Usually the certain smell can trigger. Your brain to fall asleep faster. Fall scents that bath and body works has like winter barn and bonfire soothe me. Also watching the candles light flicker helps too. 

These are all super simple and basic. But these have really helped me! Anything you suggest to do to fall asleep faster ?

Monday, 9 September 2013

Girl, Put in work .. The Weeknd Concert

For all of my fellow Vancouver living bloggers and music loving fans, you should all know that Abel aka " The Weeknd" was in town on Saturday ! Myself, my aunt, her boyfriend, his two cousin and a family friend all went together. A month earlier I convience everyone to buy tickets because I really wanted to go. Being a huge fan of The weeknd since I first heard him back in 2011. The convert was held at The Orpehum. A very large and beautiful venue downtown ! The concert was so dope! Amazing set work and singing done by The Weeknd. The vibe was out of this world, everyone was high on some sort of drug and loving life. Having seen a few people light up some joints in front of me, and beside me, everyone had a good time. For those that don't know me, I am a big party girl. In the best sense of the word. I just love going out with people, dancing, singing and having fun. I am, majority of the time, down to do almost anything that I find appealing or interesting. It was nice to see that my aunt's boyfriend's cousin was on the same page as I was. Seeing as we were both just jamming out to all the song. I had a VERY good night. It was one of those nights that reminded me why I love going out and doing things so much. Also one where I realize that I just love hanging out with my family. Say hello to my crew which consist of my aunt, her boyfriend and his cousin ! I have to say that we have a good thing going on. Now I have to endure the rest of the week remembering the feelings  I had Saturday night ... what a bummer !
Cheers to the rest of the week.

Top - Artizia
Bottoms - H&M
Booties - Thrift store (Forever 21 Brand)
Necklace - Family gold necklace

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Another trilogy read and gone !

I just finished "The Mortal Instruments" book trilogy. Let me just say, WHY! WHY MUST IT END ! I'll admit, I've started reading them after I found out about the movie and then, became interested. I have always seen these books around the bookstore and library. My friends have raved about it when it first came it. But I never bought in to it. And I'm now cursing myself for not reading it soon! I wish I could say I was a TMI fan before the movie. Either way, I put all three books on hold at the library and waited. Within waiting, I grew impatient and listened to the audiobooks as well. In the span of a month I finished all three books. A book a day once I got my hands on it. I was thrown into the world of shadow hunters and demons. I rooted on Jace and Clarys tragic yet enduring romance. I cursed valentine for his evil ways. I end wish Simon was real so he could be my best friend. One thing I loved about the series was that it was action packed! It wasn't a romance novel with action. It was a action novel with romance. And not always the kind of heart-wrenching, adorable romance either. It was kind of bitter and unspoken of. What was my favourite part of TMI ? Two words. Jace Wayland. What a godly character he was. I fell for him almost as instantly as Cllary Fray, the main character did. A gorgeous warrior whose a little bit wounded, a little bit misguided but full of heart. Every scene he was in was my favourite. I loved his rude, sarcastic ways. What can I say? I love the totured boys. After finishing City of Bones, I treated my best friend And myself to go see the movie! It is, VERY different from the book. But I really liked the way they have set up the series for sequels. The movie was made with the book foundation but easily acceptable for fans who haven't read the books but are now interested in. This series has just become my new obsession ! I would highly recommend the movie and books to anyone who needs a new obsession. Or even a new past time.
 What are your thoughts about The Mortal Instruments ? 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Bubbles, Bubbles and Books

Everyone knows that I have recently become addicted to taking steaming hot baths. Just as I have become addicted to The Mortal Instruments series. At late hours of the night, this is how I find myself unwinding and relaxing. I recently just bought Soap&Glory's "Calm One, Calm All" bubble bath. Which is superb! Ill have a review up along with many other products be picked up from Sephora in the states. I start my new job today and work until next week continually so, posts will be very limited for awhile. I have a couple drafts saved up, so those may come out! I recommend everyone checks out these books before the movie ! And maybe take a nice, long, hot bath while doing it !
Cheers to the week!

Ripped Jeans Without My Skinned Knees

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sharks and Ships, OH MY !

As you all know I am in Vegas. And beyond walking the strip and eating out, my girlfriend and I went out to the MGM and Luxor to see some attractions. As I've said in my early post, I'm not a fan of doing very touristy thing. But I took one for the team and went with my friend to see the attractions that she wanted to. Our first stop was the MGM, Shark Reef Aquarium. A single admission ticket is $20-25 per person. Most hotels offer a package deal where you can pick three attractions off of a list from the hotels and the total is 60 dollars. You save maybe, what I can assume, is $10 total. As most of the attractions prices range from $15-25.

The exhibit showcases rare and exotic animals. The walk through the exhibit is about 15-20 minutes. But that is also depending on how much time you decide to take on each animal. Typically, I would say that this is an exhibit best for people with kids. Walking through the exhibit I wished my little cousins where there with me. Or anyone who is really into biology. I am neither but it was cool to see ! I would recommend it to anyone interested in sea mammals. Although short, it's very cute. Next attraction was my pick and it was the Titanic : The Artifact Exhibition.

Being super in the history of Titanic and the movie, I was super excited. The exhibit was a strict no phone-no camera-no photos policy. Which was saddening because inside was beautiful and contain actual items from the Titanic. The gallery set-up was very unique, making you feel in certain areas that you were actually on the Titanic. Re-creating the rooms and corridors of the first, second and third class living spaces. And of course, The grand stairwell where the famous final scene of Titanic the movie was held. Throughout the gallery there was real quotes from survivors. Some were rather depressing. You could really feel in some areas the sadness that just comes with Titanic. One really cool part of the exhibit was that they had an actual huge chuck of the Titanic's side. I would highly recommend this to any Titanic dorks like me !

After those two attractions, we embarked the adventure of walking the famous Las Vegas Strip. Trying to make our way back to Fashion Show Mall to Lululemon where my aunt works. Meeting and seeing some interesting people along the way, it was nothing that we haven't seen before, but it was still so much fun. 

My feet were tired, I had a headache, and some Cold Stone Ice Cream in the freezer. I retreated to the Lazy Boy Chair and we watched the Halloween classic " Hocus Pocus". Why a Halloween movie was on ABC Family in the middle of summer is beyond me but, it was the best way to end my night.
Almost time to go home :(

Friday, 9 August 2013

Nomadic Vixen Thoughts

 There's been a minor misconception about me on trips. A lot of my family members and, what I can presume, my friends as well, think that I'm "stuck-up" when traveling. That's not that case, I tell you ! First, let me say that, the more I travel, the more I realize things about myself that have never noticed before. I'm not that big into "sight-seeing" or " activities". I'm also very quiet at times when I have a lot racing through my mind. Which I usually do have when I'm traveling for the sole fact that, I am trying to retain and take in as much as I can. I'm a multi-tasking but I do need to focus for certain things. I don't like being seen or known as a tourist in places. I want to meet the locals. I want to blend in with the crowd, acting as if being there is absolutely nothing to me, like it's just another day. When, in fact, it is everything. I'm a calm, relaxed person. You can call me a chill traveller. I never really freak out over things and I'm usually just along for the ride. The things that I enjoy most about traveling is just being emerged in a different surrounding, a different atmosphere. Taking the vibes from the city and the city's people in, feeling the change of energy. The right side of my brain tends to take over. The thing is that I like to explore new things and create my own adventures. Why let someone else show their idea of a perfect day in a city when I can create my own. My ideal day traveling anywhere in the world would be heading out to the lunch and then seeing where the day takes me. Letting fate take the wheel of my day and life, directing me into the arms, or places of that I need to be in. The most beautiful thing about traveling is that you're no one. You're literally creating you're own steps in the world. Physically and figuratively, leaving your footprint in a city. Wandering the streets aimlessly isn't always a bad thing. I'm not wandering because I'm lost. I'm wandering because I want to see the places that aren't on my map. Isn't that the point of traveling, seeing the world ? But I mean, REALLY, seeing it, and not just seeing what The New York Times deems worthy of visiting. Seeing the roots of the city you're in. The small cafe on the corner that started the annual poetry slams and, the people who are daily visitors. Going the park that someone met the first love at. To go places and not just say that I've been there but, to say that I created a memory there. It's one thing to go somewhere, it's another thing to do something somewhere. That's the traveling that I like to do. Maybe I say this because I am right-sided. Maybe I say this because I am artistic, even a little bit eccentric. Or maybe I say this because I see the world a completely different way than what others do.

"Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.”

- Andrew Zimmerman

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Viva Las Vegas !

Yesterday was the day that I finally got to get out of Vancouver and go on vacation ! And guess where I'm heading ... Sin city! Now, I know that since I'm under 21 there probably isn't alot I can do. And you're thinking, why go on vacation there ? Well, I have family there! Plus Vegas is probably one of the best places to eat. I just love the heat and atmosphere. For me, the point of traveling is to leave and see things you don't live in, or experience a lot. This will have been my third time coming to vegas and I'm still seeing and learning things I haven't before !

We arrived for our 9 o'clock flight around 7ish. Giving breakfast and a drink at the little coffee stand they had. My girlfriend and I, said our goodbyes. My mom was having a hard time letting me to.

After a nice two and a half an hour flight, we arrived ! I'm not much of a morning person so, of course I was passed out the whole trip.

We then, met up with my beautiful aunt and 9 month old cousin. What a sweet reunion that was ! And we headed off to Fashion Show Mall. Having been up since five am that morning, we grabbed lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. I ordered a "California Club Pizza". And dear lord, was it ever good. This being said busk wine who doesn't always love things that Are healthy and green. But the pizza was amazing !

After a few hours of looking at the mall and settling in at my aunts house. My aunts husband, my girlfriend and I ventured out to pick up groceries and dinner. My aunt is a health nut. And on selective days, a vegetarian.  So naturally, I have to go grab food that I can actually enjoy ! After taking a quick stop at the local towns Smithe's, we headed to in N out burger. My aunts husband and my girlfriend all got Teriyaki  Madness, a Japanese place. But I couldn't resist myself. My skinny bish lifestyle is held up by my fat girl issues all the time. It is not in my nature to say no, or resist against a burger joint. I just can't !

Taking our food to go, we retreated on to the couch and Netflix and ended or night. 
Day one has ended and, I can't wait till day two!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My lucks ALMOST getting better

A few weeks ago I attended a job fair for an expanding mall in my area. A few calls later and I'm heading for an interview for Dyanmite Clothing. I was beyond excited. I really need a new job. And to finally work in a clothing store vs. a shoe store would be very nice ! I tried to look my very best. Which, in my fair opinion, I did. I was very pleased with my look. Rocking two new pieces of mine. First 6 leopard print tank with a zipper back detail. As well as my thirft store ind wedged notices. Which were a killer deal ! The interview went as well as I could have imagine. And as it was a group interview, the girls I was were with were lovely ! It already felt like store bonding ! They said we'd hear from them early next week, so fingers crossed for me ladies!