Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Time to get NAKED

From left to Right : Crave-Faint-Naked2-Walk of Shame-Foxy-Venus
Walk of Shame and Faint.
             So I picked up the Urban Decay Naked basic palate. FINALLY ! I've heard so many great things about it and I understand why now. Now there are three different palates for the Naked eyeshadow line. Naked, Naked 2 and Naked basic (which is what I have). The primary difference between the three is the number of eyeshadows you get and the different looks you can achieve with them ! Both Naked and Naked 2 goes for about $67 at Sephora. The Basics palate goes for about $35. Canadian prices, they are much cheaper in the states. The bigger palates have gorgeous colors but I'm a student living on a very, very, very small budget. Sigh ... Anywho, what I really love about this palate is the matte finish. It makes it much easier for blending the colors. I personally don't wear make up daily and when I do I like to keep it VERY simple and light. I also hate the feeling of too much make up on my face.I have never been a big make up person, I use essentials and that's about it. I find that these eyeshadows are light and come off very natural. They also compliment my skin tone very well ! My two favourites are Walk of Shame and Venus. My favourite combo though is Walk of shame, Faint and, Naked 2.

Any of you babes have this palate or any of the Urban Decay ones ? Let me know
Déjia oxo

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