Thursday, 28 March 2013

Wishlist # 1 - March

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It's that time of the month again ! Payday. WOOO. The time of the month I live for. Even though I'm a student athlete and only work part-time, my paycheques are usually low. and currentlyI'm saving up for my summer trip to Montreal and New York. But none the less, I can still spare a fell dollars here and there to pick up items that I need. (Well, I don't actually need them but you know how a girl is when she wants something !). Here are just a few items I've sampled/tried and heard of that I'd love to buy once I have enough funds.
1. Purity Facial Cleanser
I sampled this one from Sephora. I asked one of the working women for the best simple facial wash they have. (I have normal skin, some redness in the T area, and rarely break out unless it's my time of the month). I really liked this face wash. It's really light weight, very smooth and can work as an extra make up remover as well. It's very easy going on your skin and makes your skin feel soft afterwards. What I like is you dont have to scrub hard or anything and it lathers well.
2.Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash
I sampled this one from Sephora too. I read about this one during one of my daily blog readings and decided to check it out. My old exfoliater needs to be retired.  This is just a quick 30-second facial wash. I don't really like the smell of it. It's not strong but I, personally, do not like the smell of most facial washes. One thing I did like about this one is that I could feel the exfoliating beads working on my face.
3. Mimosa Body Wash  &  4. Vanilla Birthday Cake Body Wash
I've read about these body washes, once again, during my daily blog reading. Apparently the Vanilla Birthday Cake smells EXACTLY like birthday cake. SCORE. Who doesn't love birthday cake and, who wouldn't want to smell like it. Same with Mimosa. I love them, (guilty pleasure). So I could imagine that using this body wash would be heavenly. And my old body wash needs to be retired. I want a great smelling body wash that makes my skin feel and look good.
5. Watt's Up Highlighter & 6.They're Real Mascara
I got these combo from Sephora for my birthday. It was the birthday gift of the month and boy, am I glad it was. These two are apart of my daily beauty/make-up routine. I absolutely love both of them to death and would highly recommend them to anyone. The highlighter is a perfect shade for my skin tone and gives it the perfect shimmer. The mascara really extends your lashes and makes them pop. I really love how it gives minimum clumps, (I hate when my mascara clumps on my lashes).
If you want to try any of these products, you can pick them up at your local sephora.
Any of your own thoughts on these products ?
Déjia oxo

Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Product : Hair Milk

Hey dolls ! So I've recently just took my extensions out and decided to rock the Au Natural look. Which being a mixed girl is a pain in the ass. I have a mix of kinky ringlets and just straight up nappy hair ! It's very short right now too (weaves make you lose hair, btw). It's in a bob cut to probably an inch under my chin. I have not rocked my natural hair for probably little under a year now, so this a big change for me ! I also am not use to having short hair .. I miss being able to throw it up into a bun or pony :( I love a good bun or pony ! Anyways, I needed some products to bring moisture back to my hair as well as, keep my curls defined and calm the frizz. I talked to my aunt who rocks the short natural hair and she recommended Bumble & Bumble ( haven't tried it yet) and Carol's Daughter. I went to Sephora, ( in the states because Canada doesn't have these lines), and checked out their hair selection. Of course the curly hair products I want to try are expensive ! I was on a $30 dollar budget. But I managed to find the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Treatment For Curls Travel Kit. It's made as a travel kit but I think it's the perfect size for trying it out. The normal sized bottle of all of these products were about $20-$24 EACH. These little 2 oz sizes are perfect for trying it out and seeing if it works for my hair. This little package was $24 it's self. Which I think is a reasonable price. It included
Conditioning Co-Wash
It's a sort of deep curl conditior. It has no lather and you just apply it from the roots down (only using a quarter-size), leave it in for 3-5 mins and wash it out.
it's a styling mold, I would say. It has the same consistency and texture as the conditioner and moisturizer, so I wouldn't call it pudey or gel. You apply directly after the shower with soaking wet hair, from the roots done to your ends. It applies really nicely.
Leave-In Moisturizer (Original) and (Lite)
These are both really straight forward. Apply to soaking wet hair and you're off ! Style as desired. This can be use as an everyday moisturizer for your hair.
Mind you, for all of these products you're only suppose to use a quarter-size every time. Which is why I think this travel size kit is perfect for just trying it out. Actually, any travel size product is great to use for trying out a product before you spend your money of the full size. I only used these products once this morning, so I have yet to come to verdict or see the change in my hair. Although I have to say that after putting in the Conditioning Co-Wash, waiting and letting it sit then washing it out, I could feel my hair getting softer. If that makes sense ! It felt very soft after and I could see more of my defined curls. After I finish all the bottles I'll probably write a little review about them up.
Any of these products work for you fellow kinky hair ladies ?
Déjia oxo

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The art of letting go .. or Jumping Off a Cliff Alone

 I believe in fate and destiny. I believe in love. I don't believe that prince charming is going to show up, rescue me then take me unto his horse and we're going to ride away into the sunset. I am a realist, after all. I will, however, always being waiting for Jake Ryan to pick me up in his red porsche. (I am still a girl, after all). But I have recently been reading many pieces of writing that have all had the same general topic. Moving on and letting go. Which, I have to say are two completely different things. Now, I don't know if this pure coincidence or the universe trying to send me a signal. If it's the latter then, THANK YOU UNIVERSE. I really do appreciate your sick sense of humour. If it's pure coincidence then I have fallen upon these beautiful pieces of writing, but it made me think about relationships. Everyone knows how hot a flame can burn when relationships first start out and how fast they can fizzle out. And oh boy, can they fizzle fast. Leaving you with the ashes filled with memories and feelings. Of course, the first month of a break up (if you're the breakee), can be horrible. You're torn between blowing those ashes away forever or figuring out a way to make those ashes turn into a fire again. After about the fourth or fifth month after the break-up, you just can't stop thinking. You think of the good times you had, the bad times you had and, " Why am I still thinking about this break-up !?"  It's the memories that haunt you that are still making you think of everything. The memories are what bring the feelings out. Those memories bring up the feelings that you felt in the moment and if you haven't quite moved on yet, then it's normal to feel some nostalgia.Which poses a great question, how can you distinguish between being in love with the memories you had with them and being in love with them? You can be in love with ideas and concepts. You can be in love with words and songs. And you can just as easily be in love with memories. Moments with people are fleeting  but memories .. memories are ever lasting. They never change. They never leave. They're magical. For the simple fact that they always transport you back to a time or place that made you feel something amazing. And I'm not talking about something that made you happy or sad. I'm talking about more intense feelings. Something that made you feel exhilarated and alive, something that chilled you to your bone with over whelming sadness. People live inside memories. Our mind is capable of extraordinary things. Yet, somehow, our mind cannot erase memories that we no longer want to remember. How convenient is that ? The only reason we can't let go of these memories is because we can never  forget them. We basically have to work against ourselves to forget these memories. Or at least put them in the very far corners of your mind. I have yet to master the art of letting go. You can call me a memory hoarder. I remember everything. Well not everything because I always forget to do the dishes or do my biology homework. But I always remember moments that turn into memories. And I think I love them more than I ever did the people in them.
Déjia oxo.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Happy St.Patricks day !

Happy St.Patricks day everyone ! It also just so happens to be my one of my oldest and closet friends birthdays ! We went exploring downtown and met some very interesting people. I would just like to say I love all boys with accents ! Preferable Irish and Australian. Anywho, we adventures through Granville and Burrard and just hung out. We tried to get caught up in the activities that were going on. I absolutely loved the amount of people who participated in the festivities downtown. It was a very chilled Sunday.
This weekend has made me see how lucky I am to have such good friends.
Highlights of my weekend
Friday: Vancouver Giants hockey game with my two friends.
Saturday: a creative burst of inspiration ( which I will soon make a blog post !)
Sunday: Work and downtown with my friend.
What were you guys up too this weekend ?
Déjia oxo.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Time to get NAKED

From left to Right : Crave-Faint-Naked2-Walk of Shame-Foxy-Venus
Walk of Shame and Faint.
             So I picked up the Urban Decay Naked basic palate. FINALLY ! I've heard so many great things about it and I understand why now. Now there are three different palates for the Naked eyeshadow line. Naked, Naked 2 and Naked basic (which is what I have). The primary difference between the three is the number of eyeshadows you get and the different looks you can achieve with them ! Both Naked and Naked 2 goes for about $67 at Sephora. The Basics palate goes for about $35. Canadian prices, they are much cheaper in the states. The bigger palates have gorgeous colors but I'm a student living on a very, very, very small budget. Sigh ... Anywho, what I really love about this palate is the matte finish. It makes it much easier for blending the colors. I personally don't wear make up daily and when I do I like to keep it VERY simple and light. I also hate the feeling of too much make up on my face.I have never been a big make up person, I use essentials and that's about it. I find that these eyeshadows are light and come off very natural. They also compliment my skin tone very well ! My two favourites are Walk of Shame and Venus. My favourite combo though is Walk of shame, Faint and, Naked 2.

Any of you babes have this palate or any of the Urban Decay ones ? Let me know
Déjia oxo

Sunday, 10 March 2013

What Every Girl Needs Under $30

As we know my parents and I went to the states this weekend to visit my family. One of my favourite things about going the states (besides visiting my lovely family), is going to Target and picking up my hygiene/beauty products ! Target is my favourite place to go. I could literally spend all day in that store and I have before. I spent a lot of money this weekend.. I did a massive clothes haul as well. But these products in particular inspired me to make a post. I know it's hard to make a list of things that you need when you walk in a store because you get so over-whelmed by the other products. I'm guilty of this ! I'll walk into a store with one thing in mind and leave with the complete opposite! I'm easily suckered in the sales and pretty packaging. Here are just some suggestions or even a guideline of things you can, and could pick up ! (Majority of these things a girl MUST have)

Target Brand Women's Shaving Cream (Strawberry and Tangerine) $2.34
Everybody needs to shave. Unless you've been blessed with the gift of not having any body and/or facial hair. In which case, I am beyond jealous of you. But shaving cream is shaving cream. Doesn't matter if its pink, white, green, males or females, it's all going to the work the same way. You could even use shower gel if you want. My aunt recommended this to me because I was so shocked by the prices of the name brand ones. (I refuse to pay $6 bucks for shaving cream).
Vaseline Total Moisture (Cocoa Radiant): $3.34
Best body lotion. Ever. In my opinion. I love the smell and the way you're body feels afterwards. I find that it really actually moisturizes your skin. The few lotions that I do have and actually tend to use, make my hands dry in less than 10 minutes. I put this one ALL OVER MY BODY and I feel fully moisturized for a few days. Vaseline is a great body care line.
BIC Soleil Bella Razors: $6.34
Razors are beyond stupidly expensive. It's like the BIC company wants to make me feel bad for not wanting to be a hairy beast ! Almost seven dollars for a three pack ? Makes me to want wax. And that would lower their business. Haven't used these before and to be honest, I just picked them up because they were nicest cheap ones. I will not use those two-bladed generic razors because I love my body too much. And you should too! Always try to get three blades or more, they give a better shave and less chance of cutting yourself.
Crest 3D White (Artic Fresh): $2.99
One of the best whitening tooth paste I've used. After about two to three weeks of using it I can see a differences in my teeth. I can't afford a teeth whitening and crest stripes are too much for me PERSONALLY as well. I just really like this tooth paste. It works really well.
Carmex Lip Balm 3-pack: $3.09
My favourite chapstick. I converted about 30% of my friends to using Carmex because it is simply, the best ! I have been complimented on my always super smooth lips and I always say "Thanks my Carmex". The only downside to this is that I've noticed that if you use it for a long time and then stop, your lips get really chapped badly. And I think that's just your lips saying "Never stop using Carmex because I love it".
Dove Ultimate Fresh Deodorant (Cucumber and Green Tea): $0.97
These little sizes actually last me a long time and it's super easy to stock up on ! The clean smell of the cucumber is probably my favourite part. I hate that white deodorant smell. I love that this one smells so fresh. Dove makes great products that are soft and loving for your body.
Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes: $5.64
After a long time of going out or even for me, playing softball I HATE the feeling that my face is clogged up with dirt. These facial wipes are easy on the face, it is for sensitive skin. It's also a great make-up remover when you put a dab on the remover you use on the wipes. I've been buying these for about a year and I have yet to be disappointed.
Arm & Hammer Advance White: $0.99
Another great whitening tooth paste. If you guys haven't picked up yet (I really want my teeth to get whiter!!)
Q-Tips: $0.99
I use these for the obvious (ear-cleaning) as well as, getting that pesky eyeliner out of my waterline and the corner of my eye. Always needed!

Used any of these products before ? Went out and got them any of these ? Let me know
Déjia oxo.

Friday, 8 March 2013

States for the weekend

I'm off to the states for the weekend to visit some family. Thank god for spares last block on Fridays ! It's beautiful and sunny in Vancouver right now so I thought it was time to bring out some colors. In between our thousand stops for shopping and eating, I will be in the car for majority of the time. So I only picked super comfy pieces and might I say, a very quick outfit !
Hope you all have a good weekend !
Déjia oxo.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How To Lose a Guy in One Day (Or Sooner)

I have yet to learn a lot of things on the touchy subject that is guys. There are so many things that confuses me about them. How do they wake up with their hair perfect ? Or get away with wearing the same clothes everyday and we still swoon over them. Why do they never call when they say they will? and when in fact, they do end up calling, its past 11pm and they sound a little too happy to call you. You know when they all of a sudden are just dying to see you and hang out ? Its obviously because you are so gorgeous and amazing, right? Sorry to bust that bubble (even though you all are gorgeous and amazing) that, my fellow ladies is called a BC (Booty Call). Although in the past two years with the release of Drakes single, can now be referred to as "Marvin's Room. I would say the "Marvin's Room call has a bit of a sadder context..(I hide my phone when I go out because I tend to "Marvin's Room". Even the best of us fall victim!). We have all received this call and, we have all answered it one too many times. Lets be honest. The opposite gender should must definitely be added to the seven wonders of the world. They have and will forever always be, a mystery. I, myself, do not have a great track record of guys. I enjoy the mystery. I like the unattainable guys. What can I say? I'm a masochist. I have yet to master how to keep a guy, however, I do know how to lose one ! Here are the tips that helped me let the one get away, (that hot guy you met once at party and sparks flew). Also the tips to help lose the one that needs to get away, (that weird guy that stalks you in gym class).
-Be Yourself.
Boys LOVE this one. You know when you talk about the male singer your obsessed with or, talk about that tv show with the vampire love triangle? They love it. They loving getting to know you. Especially on the first time to your guys ever hang out. Tell them your life story. Better yet, do all those weird things you do at home by yourself like crying when Big leaves Carrie at the alter while eating fries dipped in hot sauce. You know all the things you feel like you should do when you're completely comfortable with a person ? Do them. Nothing is sexier than being weird (I say this openly though because sexy can weird.)
-Have a Life.
Have other things going on in your life. Play a sport. Be in a play. Have a part-time job. Volunteer somewhere. Do anything that doesn't involve the guy you're seeing. It will drive them crazy because no one likes to be a second priority. Especially those guys that like to the center attention and the crazy obsessive type. The ones that need to be your #1 and the only thing that makes you happy. Nothing drives a guy more crazy than you having more going for yourself than he does.
-Actually Care.
Now this is an important one. Showing that you care shows commitment. Commitment itself is a big one and nothing scares a guy off more than it. It means the thrill is officially gone ! There is no chase anymore, the fun is over. He has you and he knows it. There's no entertainment in that, is there ? Along with being committed, you're also supportive and loving. Now who wants that ? Sound suffocating to me and a long list of emotional damaged or unavailable guys. (Those just happen to be my forté). And they just so how happen to be everywhere. They don't know how handle your caring or understand it. So do it because they'll leave.
-Actually Don't Care.
This one is equally important. If you're acting like you don't care that means you GENUINELY don't care. Whether you want to admit it or not. It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, NO ONE wants to be around someone that doesn't care. Trust me, people can always tell when you don't care, Whether they chose to ignore to or not is up to them. That creepy guy that stalks you in gym class and always stares at you in hallway probably won't catch on to the fact that you don't care. So make it obvious. That hot guy you met at party, however, may catch on a little faster. He won't hesitate to leave. Moral of the story, eventually they will both leave if you show you don't care.

All this being said, the right guy will stick around regardless of everything and he won't leave. Well .. maybe he will leave but he'll come back. He will put up with your weird, quirky habits and love the fact that you enjoy playing with puppies for free. At least that's what I hear, I wouldn't know ;)
Déjia oxo.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Love and Affection : My Sunday

Made the family banana and chocolate chip pancakes. Tried this new "Organic" syrup, BEYOND delicious

My parents and I checked out this seafood restaurant called " The Fish Shack" on Granville St. so delicious, very light. I am a seafood addict so I loved it. The atmosphere is so comfy and indie and super friendly service :)
Wandering the streets of Downtown Vancouver


 Sunday is almost over (depending on what time you go to bed at) and then it will be Monday. I know we're all dreading it. But, my Sunday was surprisingly wonderful, how was yours ?
Déjia oxo


Heading downtown for some family bond .. Lets see how this goes ! Simple casual outfit :) blog post later with more details and outfit specifics
See ya later loves,
Déjia oxo

What To Wear : Rainy Days

So I said I'd do a post on rainy day attire since I live in the city that just never stops raining. (except right now because it's surprisingly sunny!) Here are a few things that I believe are necessary on a cold, wet, gloomy day.

1. Gumboots


This one should be a given. There is nothing worst than walking around in Toms, Vans or flats in the rain. Your feet get gross and it's just not comfortable. You want to cross the road and there's a huge puddle that you can't avoid, would you rather step in that ocean in gumboots or regular shoes? Exactly. Now gumboots I don't think you have to spend a lot of $$$ on them. They are a sound invest and definitely come in handy but they're universal and, a cheap no-name is going to work the same as a well known expensive brand. I, myself, use Coach gumboots. I bought them on sale for $60 at Nordstorm's rack over a year or two ago. I love them. They go with absolutely everything and they work well and, have lasted me a long time. It's all up to your personal preference, although a good gumboot should be thick and comfortable. I honestly recommend going to Target, Walmart, any kind of stores like those and just picking up a quick pair. I know Hunter boots are very in style right now but the price ? uhhhh, not so much. That being said, I'd kill for a pair of the pastel blue shin-cut Hunter gumboots !

2. A rain coat

You have protection on your feet so why not have protection on your body too ? You don't want your clothes to get soaked and you have to go out and, sit in uncomfortable wet clothes. (Another thing I hate, wet jeans. YUCK). I don't even have a raincoat ! Hahah. I wish I did though. I use my Maverick Artizia jacket which is lined with fur on the inside and have a fur hood. Super comfy and warm, it does the job. My parents picked this up for me on boxing day so I'm not quite sure of the price they paid for but, I do know its about $200 in stores. For a real rain coat though I would definitely put in the money. It's an investment especially if you live in a rainy city. I'd say a good rain coat has water-proof material, goes past your waist and keeps you warm. Which is all, once again, up to your personal preference and what you like. If you live in raincouver, Sorry, I mean VANCOUVER, I'd go to Lululemon and pick up one. (Lululemon is beyond over pricey but SO worth the money). Other stores with good rain coats are Sports Check, North Face and, Superstore (Joe is the best). I say that openly though because you can find good rain coats in any store ! Depending on the season and what their inventory is like.

3. Little things You can't forget 

Gloves: You need this !! I cannot stress enough how much it sucks holding an umbrella when you're hands are ice cold. Rain is unpredictable and it doesn't always come down straight, it comes sideways, diagonal, all over the place ! Your hands are important too, show them some love. Pick up a pair or even a pack of 2 at basically, any store. I got mine at the Dollar store and Old Nizzle. (Old Nizzle = Old Navy, it's a family thing).
Toques: You need these too ! Your ears are just as important as your hands. And if you hood ever falls off you're still protected. I love toques to death and they definitely take away some of the cold.

4. Umbrella

Saved the best for last. An umbrella ! How can you go out in the rain without an umbrella ? It provides you with over all protection from the horrible rain. Sorry rain, you're not horrible but you're certainly not wanted all the time. An umbrella does NOT need to be an expensive thing. Yes, cheap umbrellas can suck and break easily but I'm not going to approve a $50 umbrella. I say a good price for an umbrella is $10 and under. As long as it has a handle, opens up properly and is as big as you need it to be, it's a good umbrella.

Now these are just what I use daily when it's rainy. They seem to work for me so maybe they can work for you ! Think I missed anything important or can suggest some good brands or, stores to get any of the things I listed ? 
Let me know,
Déjia oxo

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Top of the morning to ya

My easy going morning before I head off to work to do the closing shift. Thank god my mall is only open till 6:30pm unlike, metrotown which is open basically 24/7. I could not work till 10pm on a Saturday. This book is the second one I picked up in February from Urban Outfitters. I know I'm a bit behind and said I'd do a review on this and " Style Feed " which I am, I swear ! I just want to do them at the same one because they are both for my February books. I think maybe ill have it done by the middle of March. Im reading at the same speed of my English class to keep up with the project but its moving a bit slow ! I am also still doing the monthly book reads from Urban Outfiiters, so if you have any suggestion please let me , I'd love to hear :)
Déjia oxo

It's just the rainy season

This is the most rain I have ever seen in Vancouver. It has been non-stop raining for two weeks now. And may I add that, it was like terrestrial amazon forest rain. Now I can be a gloomy and love the rain, I really love the rain sometimes. The sound of it pounding against your window with the sounds of The Killers playing in the background with some candles burning. It's amazing. BUT I WANT SOME SUN ! Ill be making a post about the attire for a rainy day if you live in a city like mine.
Any suggestions ? Leave a comment!
Déjia oxo