Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The art of letting go .. or Jumping Off a Cliff Alone

 I believe in fate and destiny. I believe in love. I don't believe that prince charming is going to show up, rescue me then take me unto his horse and we're going to ride away into the sunset. I am a realist, after all. I will, however, always being waiting for Jake Ryan to pick me up in his red porsche. (I am still a girl, after all). But I have recently been reading many pieces of writing that have all had the same general topic. Moving on and letting go. Which, I have to say are two completely different things. Now, I don't know if this pure coincidence or the universe trying to send me a signal. If it's the latter then, THANK YOU UNIVERSE. I really do appreciate your sick sense of humour. If it's pure coincidence then I have fallen upon these beautiful pieces of writing, but it made me think about relationships. Everyone knows how hot a flame can burn when relationships first start out and how fast they can fizzle out. And oh boy, can they fizzle fast. Leaving you with the ashes filled with memories and feelings. Of course, the first month of a break up (if you're the breakee), can be horrible. You're torn between blowing those ashes away forever or figuring out a way to make those ashes turn into a fire again. After about the fourth or fifth month after the break-up, you just can't stop thinking. You think of the good times you had, the bad times you had and, " Why am I still thinking about this break-up !?"  It's the memories that haunt you that are still making you think of everything. The memories are what bring the feelings out. Those memories bring up the feelings that you felt in the moment and if you haven't quite moved on yet, then it's normal to feel some nostalgia.Which poses a great question, how can you distinguish between being in love with the memories you had with them and being in love with them? You can be in love with ideas and concepts. You can be in love with words and songs. And you can just as easily be in love with memories. Moments with people are fleeting  but memories .. memories are ever lasting. They never change. They never leave. They're magical. For the simple fact that they always transport you back to a time or place that made you feel something amazing. And I'm not talking about something that made you happy or sad. I'm talking about more intense feelings. Something that made you feel exhilarated and alive, something that chilled you to your bone with over whelming sadness. People live inside memories. Our mind is capable of extraordinary things. Yet, somehow, our mind cannot erase memories that we no longer want to remember. How convenient is that ? The only reason we can't let go of these memories is because we can never  forget them. We basically have to work against ourselves to forget these memories. Or at least put them in the very far corners of your mind. I have yet to master the art of letting go. You can call me a memory hoarder. I remember everything. Well not everything because I always forget to do the dishes or do my biology homework. But I always remember moments that turn into memories. And I think I love them more than I ever did the people in them.
Déjia oxo.

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