Monday, 16 September 2013

Late nights ....

Sometimes it's incredibly hard for me to fall asleep. I get stuck in a horrible routine where I stay up late, wake up early for school, nap afterschool and repeat it all again. Which causes my sleeping pattern to be so messed up, I can't fall asleep at regular times ! A few things I do to make my eyelids close a little faster are ... 

Read a book - 
I don't know why but reading puts me to sleep in a dim lighting. I feel like maybe because I have to focus and excersixe my brain to read, it tires me out faster. 
Listen to slow music -
Soothing music and slow songs are always a cute to insomnia at night time. It relaxes you. It calms you. It makes you dream. 
Burn some candles - 
Usually the certain smell can trigger. Your brain to fall asleep faster. Fall scents that bath and body works has like winter barn and bonfire soothe me. Also watching the candles light flicker helps too. 

These are all super simple and basic. But these have really helped me! Anything you suggest to do to fall asleep faster ?

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