Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sharks and Ships, OH MY !

As you all know I am in Vegas. And beyond walking the strip and eating out, my girlfriend and I went out to the MGM and Luxor to see some attractions. As I've said in my early post, I'm not a fan of doing very touristy thing. But I took one for the team and went with my friend to see the attractions that she wanted to. Our first stop was the MGM, Shark Reef Aquarium. A single admission ticket is $20-25 per person. Most hotels offer a package deal where you can pick three attractions off of a list from the hotels and the total is 60 dollars. You save maybe, what I can assume, is $10 total. As most of the attractions prices range from $15-25.

The exhibit showcases rare and exotic animals. The walk through the exhibit is about 15-20 minutes. But that is also depending on how much time you decide to take on each animal. Typically, I would say that this is an exhibit best for people with kids. Walking through the exhibit I wished my little cousins where there with me. Or anyone who is really into biology. I am neither but it was cool to see ! I would recommend it to anyone interested in sea mammals. Although short, it's very cute. Next attraction was my pick and it was the Titanic : The Artifact Exhibition.

Being super in the history of Titanic and the movie, I was super excited. The exhibit was a strict no phone-no camera-no photos policy. Which was saddening because inside was beautiful and contain actual items from the Titanic. The gallery set-up was very unique, making you feel in certain areas that you were actually on the Titanic. Re-creating the rooms and corridors of the first, second and third class living spaces. And of course, The grand stairwell where the famous final scene of Titanic the movie was held. Throughout the gallery there was real quotes from survivors. Some were rather depressing. You could really feel in some areas the sadness that just comes with Titanic. One really cool part of the exhibit was that they had an actual huge chuck of the Titanic's side. I would highly recommend this to any Titanic dorks like me !

After those two attractions, we embarked the adventure of walking the famous Las Vegas Strip. Trying to make our way back to Fashion Show Mall to Lululemon where my aunt works. Meeting and seeing some interesting people along the way, it was nothing that we haven't seen before, but it was still so much fun. 

My feet were tired, I had a headache, and some Cold Stone Ice Cream in the freezer. I retreated to the Lazy Boy Chair and we watched the Halloween classic " Hocus Pocus". Why a Halloween movie was on ABC Family in the middle of summer is beyond me but, it was the best way to end my night.
Almost time to go home :(

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