Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My lucks ALMOST getting better

A few weeks ago I attended a job fair for an expanding mall in my area. A few calls later and I'm heading for an interview for Dyanmite Clothing. I was beyond excited. I really need a new job. And to finally work in a clothing store vs. a shoe store would be very nice ! I tried to look my very best. Which, in my fair opinion, I did. I was very pleased with my look. Rocking two new pieces of mine. First 6 leopard print tank with a zipper back detail. As well as my thirft store ind wedged notices. Which were a killer deal ! The interview went as well as I could have imagine. And as it was a group interview, the girls I was were with were lovely ! It already felt like store bonding ! They said we'd hear from them early next week, so fingers crossed for me ladies!

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