Thursday, 5 September 2013

Another trilogy read and gone !

I just finished "The Mortal Instruments" book trilogy. Let me just say, WHY! WHY MUST IT END ! I'll admit, I've started reading them after I found out about the movie and then, became interested. I have always seen these books around the bookstore and library. My friends have raved about it when it first came it. But I never bought in to it. And I'm now cursing myself for not reading it soon! I wish I could say I was a TMI fan before the movie. Either way, I put all three books on hold at the library and waited. Within waiting, I grew impatient and listened to the audiobooks as well. In the span of a month I finished all three books. A book a day once I got my hands on it. I was thrown into the world of shadow hunters and demons. I rooted on Jace and Clarys tragic yet enduring romance. I cursed valentine for his evil ways. I end wish Simon was real so he could be my best friend. One thing I loved about the series was that it was action packed! It wasn't a romance novel with action. It was a action novel with romance. And not always the kind of heart-wrenching, adorable romance either. It was kind of bitter and unspoken of. What was my favourite part of TMI ? Two words. Jace Wayland. What a godly character he was. I fell for him almost as instantly as Cllary Fray, the main character did. A gorgeous warrior whose a little bit wounded, a little bit misguided but full of heart. Every scene he was in was my favourite. I loved his rude, sarcastic ways. What can I say? I love the totured boys. After finishing City of Bones, I treated my best friend And myself to go see the movie! It is, VERY different from the book. But I really liked the way they have set up the series for sequels. The movie was made with the book foundation but easily acceptable for fans who haven't read the books but are now interested in. This series has just become my new obsession ! I would highly recommend the movie and books to anyone who needs a new obsession. Or even a new past time.
 What are your thoughts about The Mortal Instruments ? 

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