Thursday, 8 August 2013

Viva Las Vegas !

Yesterday was the day that I finally got to get out of Vancouver and go on vacation ! And guess where I'm heading ... Sin city! Now, I know that since I'm under 21 there probably isn't alot I can do. And you're thinking, why go on vacation there ? Well, I have family there! Plus Vegas is probably one of the best places to eat. I just love the heat and atmosphere. For me, the point of traveling is to leave and see things you don't live in, or experience a lot. This will have been my third time coming to vegas and I'm still seeing and learning things I haven't before !

We arrived for our 9 o'clock flight around 7ish. Giving breakfast and a drink at the little coffee stand they had. My girlfriend and I, said our goodbyes. My mom was having a hard time letting me to.

After a nice two and a half an hour flight, we arrived ! I'm not much of a morning person so, of course I was passed out the whole trip.

We then, met up with my beautiful aunt and 9 month old cousin. What a sweet reunion that was ! And we headed off to Fashion Show Mall. Having been up since five am that morning, we grabbed lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. I ordered a "California Club Pizza". And dear lord, was it ever good. This being said busk wine who doesn't always love things that Are healthy and green. But the pizza was amazing !

After a few hours of looking at the mall and settling in at my aunts house. My aunts husband, my girlfriend and I ventured out to pick up groceries and dinner. My aunt is a health nut. And on selective days, a vegetarian.  So naturally, I have to go grab food that I can actually enjoy ! After taking a quick stop at the local towns Smithe's, we headed to in N out burger. My aunts husband and my girlfriend all got Teriyaki  Madness, a Japanese place. But I couldn't resist myself. My skinny bish lifestyle is held up by my fat girl issues all the time. It is not in my nature to say no, or resist against a burger joint. I just can't !

Taking our food to go, we retreated on to the couch and Netflix and ended or night. 
Day one has ended and, I can't wait till day two!

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