Monday, 26 August 2013

Bubbles, Bubbles and Books

Everyone knows that I have recently become addicted to taking steaming hot baths. Just as I have become addicted to The Mortal Instruments series. At late hours of the night, this is how I find myself unwinding and relaxing. I recently just bought Soap&Glory's "Calm One, Calm All" bubble bath. Which is superb! Ill have a review up along with many other products be picked up from Sephora in the states. I start my new job today and work until next week continually so, posts will be very limited for awhile. I have a couple drafts saved up, so those may come out! I recommend everyone checks out these books before the movie ! And maybe take a nice, long, hot bath while doing it !
Cheers to the week!


  1. I love that book!


  2. Same ! I'm just starting the next in the series, so good :)