Monday, 9 September 2013

Girl, Put in work .. The Weeknd Concert

For all of my fellow Vancouver living bloggers and music loving fans, you should all know that Abel aka " The Weeknd" was in town on Saturday ! Myself, my aunt, her boyfriend, his two cousin and a family friend all went together. A month earlier I convience everyone to buy tickets because I really wanted to go. Being a huge fan of The weeknd since I first heard him back in 2011. The convert was held at The Orpehum. A very large and beautiful venue downtown ! The concert was so dope! Amazing set work and singing done by The Weeknd. The vibe was out of this world, everyone was high on some sort of drug and loving life. Having seen a few people light up some joints in front of me, and beside me, everyone had a good time. For those that don't know me, I am a big party girl. In the best sense of the word. I just love going out with people, dancing, singing and having fun. I am, majority of the time, down to do almost anything that I find appealing or interesting. It was nice to see that my aunt's boyfriend's cousin was on the same page as I was. Seeing as we were both just jamming out to all the song. I had a VERY good night. It was one of those nights that reminded me why I love going out and doing things so much. Also one where I realize that I just love hanging out with my family. Say hello to my crew which consist of my aunt, her boyfriend and his cousin ! I have to say that we have a good thing going on. Now I have to endure the rest of the week remembering the feelings  I had Saturday night ... what a bummer !
Cheers to the rest of the week.

Top - Artizia
Bottoms - H&M
Booties - Thrift store (Forever 21 Brand)
Necklace - Family gold necklace


  1. Love the outfit! So jealous you got to see them thought! I felt the same way after an intense KOL concert :P x

    1. Thanks! and that's when you know it's a good concert when you're left with those feelings. oxo