Thursday, 25 July 2013

Provincials 2013

I'll keep it short and sweet. The past weekend my softball and I, headed to Cordova Bay to play in the U18B Softball Provincial Championship. For those who are not familiar with Vancouver or Canada, Cordova bay is in Victoria, Vancouver Island. From where I live, you drive about 30 minutes to the ferry terminal and then the ferry ride is about 1 hour and 35 minutes. Let me just say that Victoria is a very beautiful place ! I've been numerous times on the island cities and Victoria and I've never appreciated the scenery before. Maybe It was because I was younger or I've never taken the time to see it all. Never the less, I enjoyed my trip and playing some ball with my best friends.
On the ferry to Victoria

My two girlfriends and I, stopped by one of the many beaches in Victoria. It was beautiful

We went exploring around the water. Which actually felt amazing ! It's was warm. 

Janine on my left. Taylor on my right. Trying to take a semi-nice group shot of all us but you can't imagine how hard that is when Taylor's dad is taking the photo ! 

After exploring at the beach and taking a cruise, My parents and I headed to downtown Victoria. It just so happened that there was a car show downtown right at the time that we were there ! Some of those old school muscle cars were beautiful! I drooled. I am definitely a muscle car kind of girl. These buildings are the Paraliament buildings. Completely authentic.

We then took a walk by the sea harbour. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. It was a lovely sight. 

Me and Father Herbert 

The next day we decided to go back to downtown just for the food trucks ! There was about 10 or so food trucks lined up on a street, which selling different varieties of food and cultures. They all looked so good ! Being the Sea lovers that we are my mother and I settled for M Truck. 

My mother ordered the " Vietnamese Rock Shrimp Salad " which was good !  I only wish that the shrimp chucks were bigger. But seeing as it has chicken and shrimp, I understand.

I ordered the "West Coast Fish and Chips". It was Haddock fish, fresh fries and homemade tatar sauce. My god. That tartar sauce was to die for ! If I got my hands on the recipe .. 
Next we headed to this old school float and ice cream shop. I had seen it the night before with the lights on and the inside packed, blasting music. I peered into the window for the menu and made it my mission to come back and order something !

It was the cutest cafee ever ! Their menu was fairly large and all extremely affordable. I just couldn't get over what they offered and the set up. And the staff was super nice. After looking at the menu for about 5 minutes I decided that I would ordered a Dr.Cow. 

My Dr.Cow ! Vanilla ice cream, Dr.pepper, Cherry Cola and Whip cream. It was super delicious and the fact that they even make these drinks to go like this was amazing. Just from the set-up, I definitely thought that it was a sit down, serve kind of place!
Walking back to the car we ran into Sully ! I had to take a picture for my little cousins and the little kid in me who loves Monsters Inc. 

I also ended the day by buying a few bracelets. There was a super cute stand that sold these bad boys for 3 for $5, which I think is a deal. I grabbed two for two of my friends and put the rest on myself.
After Four games, a trips downtown, some crazy hotel nights, and trips to the beach our Victoria trip came to an end. We're one of the top ten teams in British Columbia. Woo !

If I were you, I'd plan a trip to Victoria soon !

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