Monday, 8 July 2013

Sunday Funday : Round 2

 Just another day spent with my Sissy/Aunt and her Bf, (who might as well be my uncle). I had previously spent the day with her tanning and chilling in the backyard. A usual summer activity. When they invited me to Kerron's uncle's place for the UFC fight with his family. Of course, I accepted because 1). it's always a good time 2). I love hanging out with Nichelle and Kerron. 3). And they always got the BOMB food there. I had a good time, as per usual. And I spent the night over because it's what a usual do. We woke up wanting to do something fun in the sun and enjoy the day. We knew we had to be home (Home, for me. Parent's house, for Nichelle and Kerron.) around 6ish for a huge family BBQ. As my two uncle's are in town and, my dad wanted to throw them a nice welcoming party.  So we got ready and hit the road downtown !

Kerron let me wear his matte black Ray Bans. I had to document this magical moment.
Unknowingly there was a Latin cultural appreciation festival downtown on Granville street. We walked right in the heart of it.
First booth we see and hit up is the fruit stand. We were amazed by the kabobs. Which can be done at home but isn't it sup much easier to eat yummy things when you don't make it yourself ?!
The three dollar kabob that we all shared.
These two lovebirds make me super jealous while they share a kabob "Lady and The Tramp" style.
Made a rookie mistake after this. TIP: never bit one side of a kabob. It WILL drop on the ground.
We then headed down to  Gastown and found this super hip boutique called "Menu". Definitely going to be my new spot once I get some money into my hands. I would suggest anyone whose into hype/skater type looks to check it out. It's a little cute underground shop. They carry brands like Nike, Van, Quiet Life, The Hundreds, Obey, Crooks, Vans, Etc. Y'all get my drift ?

We ended the charged filled day at my house for the BBQ. I would post more picture but my stupid browser keeps deleting it. If you follow me on any of my other social media/networks, I'm sure you'll find a picture of my craze-filled family!
Another great Sunday; Another great day of summer.
Cheers to the beginning of another sun-filled week,

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