Sunday, 24 February 2013

week-end festivities

Hey dolls !
Now for the first time in a long time I've had a very good, productive weekend. I really did enjoy myself. I finally got to spend some quality time with some friends that I haven't seen in forever and, ones that I just haven't spent time with in a long time. Friday night my shift at work got cancelled, YES. So I invited my friend to come out to a little gathering at my other friends house with me. We both needed the stress-reliever.  A good night of friends, music and other fun things ;-)
Saturday night my one girlfriend organized a dinner trip downtown for all of us "JAE" girls. (JAE is our elementary school initials and what we've all have been referred too since we we're little.) I took them to one of my favourite spots on Granville "The Factory". It's this hip, little alternate bar/restaurant. Everything is $5.95 and EVERYTHING is good. It was bumping in there, they were playing the straight cuts. It was just so nice to finally be able to talk and hang out with all the girls again. Sometimes you just need those nights out to reunite and let loose.
Sunday I worked the opening shift at work :( Got to make that money that though ! Afterwards I just bused over to my Aunt Nichelle's house. We watched the oscars, caught up each other with our lives and watched Channing Tatum's new movie " Ten Years" GO WATCH IT! It's such a funny, quirky, feel good movie. It's very light and just very nice. We pigged out on Mcdonald's too. It was a great way to end a great weekend.
What did you guys do this weekend ?
DĂ©jia oxo

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