Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Not so " Sex and The City" of me

Hey guys, so I've been posting a lot of "OOTD" and other pictures and I've been neglecting my writing. I actually love writing so, I do believe that writing should be a big part of what my blog is about. My blog is a reflection of myself in ways that I can't express otherwise, just as fashion is. Which is why I believe personal style is so  important. The way you dress and present yourself is how others will you see you. I fully believe in " If you look good, you feel good. " I try to make my outfits reflect who I am. For that day at least ;-) There are so many things that can affect what I decide to adventure my day in, from the weather, to the mood I went to bed in, even the music that I listen too ! You can see my mood and feelings through my outfits, I'd like to think. Yes, many days I do just throw on random shit and leave my house. Sometimes putting on some pants and a bra is the biggest struggle of my day . Most days I just want to sit in bed, watch Sex and The City, stuff my face with junk food and contemplate my life. Lately, I have been feeling very out of whack with my own body, emotions and life. I am just a teenage girl ( newly turned 17 !! ) learning how to live my life. Key words : MY. LIFE. I find that there are a lot of restrictions and complications to being a girl turning into a woman who is rather a wild thing. And by wild I mean out-going, adventurous, dreaming, over-loving and maybe even a bit high maintenance. Regardless of all the complications, restrictions and unrealistic social views of what a womans' body should look like and, what a woman should act like it teaches you an invaluable lesson. Chose yourself. Always. It's not about choosing the "right" dress, "right" man, or "right" job. It's about choosing the "right" version of yourself which will, eventually, lead you to all of those things. However, with stating that, its poses another great question. "How do you ever know when it's right ? " Is it the moments when you feel that indescribable feeling ? Or the times when you're left speechless from the words or actions of someone else ? I don't know. Who really does ? I think before you can ask yourself  "If it's right", you have to ask yourself " If it's wrong"

Late night thoughts for my lovers with insomnia,
DĂ©jia oxo.

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