Saturday, 9 February 2013

90's day

I've spent the day watching pure 90's classics. Which are actually hard to watch at some points. But none the less, great movies to watch. They're are centered around the same general theme. A group of black men living in the ghetto and the problems that they have to face daily. They're actually all very hard to swallow and think of the fact that, that's exactly how it was back then. I'm actually completely cultural shocked by these movies .. if that's even possible. But besides the hard, gritty action and reality of these movies, there are some good looking brothers to stare at ! Anyways, I recommend checking out some of these titles (if you're up for it) They're all definitely worth your time.

1.He Got Game
Denzel and Ray Allen .. uhm, yes.
It's centered around basketball and it's a Spike Lee Movie, need I say more ? 

2. Menace 2 Society

This movie was heartbreaking .. and it was hard for me to watch the violence in it.The main character Caine (Tyrin Turner) is the business though ! Can't lie, I totally fell for his character in this movie.

Omar Epps and Tupac ..uhm, DOUBLE YES.
Tupac was a psycho in this movie. Oh my god. His character had some serious issues which definitely reflected the thinking of what I would, many men in this time. Did I already mention how fine Omar Epps is ?

4. Higher Learning
I only watched this movie because this is where my parents got my name from ! Tyra banks plays a female track star named Deja in the movie, even though my name is spelled Déjia. This movie is particularly hard to watch because of the of the racism in it, which is the general theme of the movie. It brings up some serious racial and personal issues. Plus, Omar Epps in it. Has anyone noticed that I really LOVE me some Omar Epps.

Seen of these before ? What do you think about them ?
- Déjia oxo

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