Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Smoothiest of Smooth : Hungry girl # 2

Hey dolls, what I busy week this has been .. As you can see from my last post I would suffering from one of my little "stress-downs" but, it's now Sunday and I plan to relax. One thing I really wanted to share was two of my current favorite smoothie recipes. Regardless of it's going to an 8 am softball game or just going to school, I always have one. I, personally, never want to eat breakfast when I walk up. I also always like to maximize my sleeping time before I walk up. These bad boys help me do so ! That being said, I love a big breakfast ! But these are my quick relief breakfast. These actually full me up after drinking and their good for you ! (All recipes are adjustable).

Smoothie #1
4 Strawberries
1/4 of a mango
1 banana 
2/3 of milk

Magic bullet all those fruits and milk together. Or just use a regular blender

Smoothie #2 
1/4 (6 slices) of cucumber
Can of sliced peaches
1 Banana
4 Strawberries

Once again blend them all in either a blender or magic bullet.

Let me know if you try any,
DĂ©jia oxo.

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