Monday, 27 May 2013

UPDATE 05/27/13

It's that time of year where softball gets more intense and, schools marks start to become a little more final. Which have all contributed to my lack of blogging. Lets call it my time-off. I should be back on track now, minus the end of June. Which will be a a busy, BUSY, time for me. But lets talk about some new things for myself and, my blog.
- Her Campus Network
Awhile back I applied to join the Her Campus Blogging Network program. Her Campus being one of my favourite sites to read and waste my time on, I was so excited when I received my acceptance email into the network ! You can see by my new badge on the side of my page that it is official. All post that are inspired or intertwined with Her Campus will be marked and tagged. Make sure to check out !
- My Softball Team
As we all know, I play softball. I'm on an amazing team of ball players. Not only are they my teammates but my best friends. We've placed in our last three tournaments. 3rd in Kelowna, 2nd in Seattle and, 2nd in our home hosted Sullivan tournament. As cheesy as it sounds hard work TRUELY does pay off.

And that's honestly all that I've been up I in my "time-off" of Cruel Intentions.

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