Thursday, 17 January 2013

First post ! :)

                                 Certain Lust for Life

First post of my new blog ! Yay. I've always wanted to start one up and I've never really took the time to, but as it being 2013, I'm thinking now is better than never. I wouldn't define this as fashion blog, a style bog, or a fitness blog. It's MY blog. My life is a constant roller coaster ride of emotions and I'm always up something. This is for me to post whatever is catching my attention for the day.  I'm a fitness junkie. I play competitive softball, I'm a very athletic girl and currently falling in love with cooking. There will be tons of post about my certain fitness plan, what I'm eating and my health progress throughout the year. Another big part of me is fashion. I love it. I love fashion and personal style and the way you can express yourself and you're emotions through your clothes. And I am all over the place when it comes to that. My inspiration for outfits come from my mood, the music I'm listening, the way my body feels, other fashionstas that I see on Instagram and other blogs. So expect to see a lot of post of everything that is me.
 - Déjia oxo
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