Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pretty Heart Shaped Thing

I've had a pretty wild year when it's comes to my personal endeavors. I've definitely come out of my comfort shell for few guys. I am a sucker for some romance. And although they were all failed attempts, they were good for the times that they lasted. regardless of how long, they all taught me something rather important. Not every love story has to be an epic one. It doesn't always have to be a happy ending for it to be a good ending. Sometimes it's frail and fragile. Hanging by a thread that can be cut by words. Sometimes it's deep rooted in desire. Everyone wants what they can't have. And lust is a powerful thing. And other times, it's light, it's easy. It's endearing. They're charming. Sometimes you don't need things to be heavy or serious for it to mean anything. It's the light ones, that are unknown that creep up behind you and before you know it, it's just there. That feeling is just there. Embedded in your life. Those are the ones that make you realize things about yourself that you've never noticed. They fix your heart without you even knowing. One day you just realize that the best things in life are the ones that surprise one you and make you feel alive. And I guess that applies to guys too ;-).

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  1. I like that quote!